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Are you ready for summer?

14 Apr 2019
by Vicky Patel

Summer is almost here and it brings a lot of fun and excitement with it along with the heat. Our hometown, Freeport in Long Island, NY is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. During summers, the waters from the Atlantic ocean gets evaporated and gives Freeport a hot and humid climate. You may be wondering what else does summer brings along with it that is exciting? Harry's Market is introducing delicious milkshakes during the summer including a wide range of flavors, the Oreo Milkshake being one of our customer's fan favorite. We are serving milkshakes all year around. But of course, Summer is the best time to sweaty and enjoy chilled shakes. 

We are also introducing a wide variety of Smoothies in our store to beat the heat. Yogurt is one of the best anti-bacterial food and we use the best quality yogurt in our smoothies to make sure that you beat the heat and not the other way around. 

Harry's market is selling your favorite products online as well if you feel cozy and want to shop your groceries, drinks and smoke products from your home. You can shop all of your favorite products and pay online and just pick it up from the store. We will have your bag ready to go when you reach at our location. Or you can just shop online and have everything delivered to your doorsteps. We are providing free deliveries to orders over $50. Do come check us out at 179 Atlantic Ave, Freeport, New York.

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