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The million dollar morning routine!

14 Apr 2019
by Vicky Patel

Exer-cise or Extra-fries? I would suggest to choose the first one although we sell delicious fries in our store. Laughter is one of the most pleasant way to start your morning. Laughter is nothing but positivity and a day started positively is ten folds more fruitful than a lazy start. Sometimes it's hard to beat the laziness, a coffee goes a long way. The million dollar morning routine includes waking up early in the morning, dedicating 30 minutes to workout, 30 minutes to meditation, 30 minutes to reading and 30 minutes to the most important meal of the day which is Breakfast. At Harry's Market, we follow the same routine and encourage you to do the same. We start serving delicious breakfast from 5 AM including bagel, coffee and fruits. We also serve some of the protein rich breakfast such as hot dogs, ham & cheese and cheese burgers which can be a very good start to a productive day.

We are your friendly but not so traditional convenience store in the Freeport neighborhood. We serve a wide range of items ranging from Breakfast, Milkshakes, Fresh fruits, Groceries, Drinks, Liquor, Vape products, Cigars, CBD and more. The idea behind this store was to be so convenient that our customers would not need to visit multiple places to complete their daily shopping needs. 

Even better, now that we are selling online, you can get all the products you like delivered at your doorsteps!

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