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Harry's Market is introducing Deli in it's large variety of Fresh food products. We will be shortly introducing our new website for Harry's Market Deli where you can order your favorite Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Bagels and more and just come pick it up fresh at the store. 

For Halal lovers, we are introducing the Halal menu with delicious items. Come check us out to find out more!

Some of our popular items are:

  • Bacon egg and cheese
  • Sausage egg and cheese
  • Bagel egg and cheese
  • BLT on a roll
  • Turkey on a roll
  • Sausage platter
  • Bacon platter
  • Phillie cheese steak
  • Phillie cheese platter
  • Turkey egg and cheese
  • Western omlette 
  • Pastromi on a roll
  • Roast beef on a roll