Bud Light Platinum-6x 12oz Bottles

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Platinum takes the classic Bud Light and makes it even better. Its light golden color is broken up by a fast-rising carbonation that gives it a distinct crispness and lightness. With its sweet, malty aroma and mildly floral notes, as well as its more powerful 6% ABV, this is without a doubt the most refreshing and robust type of Bud beer you can get your hands on. Bud Light Platinum is a great drink for unwinding after a long workday or for hanging out with some friends over the weekend. You'll definitely want to buy this beer in bulk.

  • Ransul Kumar Singh 07/04/2021

    It's Good.

  • Ransul Kumar Singh 07/04/2021


  • Ransul Kumar Singh 07/04/2021


  • Avinash tiwari 06/04/2021

    This is awesome!

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